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Andrew Xia

Exploring Life

5 minute read

2020 has been a year of quarantine and shelter in place. One hobby that I've picked up significantly is that of reading. This year is by far the most I've read since high school, when books were mandatory reading assignments for our English class. With more time and less places to go physically, books have offered my mind to explore many thoughts.

Andrew Xia

8 minute read

This year has been an interesting year to say the least. I recently hit my 1 year mark at Lime; by now I've almost worked remotely longer than I have worked in the office. My San Francisco roommates Brian, Grace, Jason and I have a good routine at our apartment. We enjoy each others’ companies as we cook, chat, and play games together. We've lost much –the ability to connect with our friends in person, the ability to mingle with our co-workers at the office, the ability to do so much…

Getting Started With Cycling

How to become a cyclist

Andrew Xia

6 minute read

Recently, due to COVID related lockdowns, a lot of my friends have been getting into cycling! I thought I'd write a series of blog posts on how to get into cycling and what to look for.

1 minute read

I'm happy to share some of the work I've been doing at Lime recently. Mainly collaborating with Yi Su (and with the help of many other co-workers) we were able to train and deploy a computer vision based model to detect whether a scooter is parked in compliance or not through the photos at the end of a trip or scooter deployment. As proper parking is one of the major factors in winning RFPs and the ability to operate in cities, I'm glad that our model can help nudge users to park better and make…

El Eclipse Solar

A mesmerizing experience

6 minute read

I had been wanting to see a solar eclipse since when I first learned about them in first grade, and I distinctly remember in second grade while I was doing 体操 at 图强二小, I would look up directly at the sun, hoping to see an eclipse, and my mind would play games with me simulating how an eclipse may look. As a relatively rare natural phenomenon, occurring once every 18 months in a very lucky region of the world, it had always been my dream to witness one. I saw the partial eclipse in Hanian in 2009…

How to travel the Last Mile: Urban Mobility Options

A transit-oriented description of how to get around a city

6 minute read

Hi! As a passionate transit-oriented teen, I wanted to write this blog post to detail how multi-modal transportation options can be used to best fit one's transportation needs. For context, I am currently a student based in Santiago de Chile (May 2019).

April 2019 Articles

Interesting articles / music from April

3 minute read

Hi all! I thought I'd update y'all with some of my recent readings/watchings on the internet. (The picture above was taken in April 2019 during a hike to Cerro de la Cruz)

January 2019 Articles

Interesting articles from January

3 minute read

Hi all! I thought I'd update y'all with some of my recent readings/watchings on the internet. Above is a picture from our hike in El Cani, Chile, Jan 2019.

Cryptography Work

A list of crypto related projects

6 minute read

Below is a series of summaries of my research in cryptography while I was a student at MIT.

Hiking in 2018

Detailing some of the hiking trips this year.

6 minute read

I should probably be writing my thesis for my MEng, but I'll start off kindling the writing part of my mind by procrastinating for a bit.

3 minute read

Hello, and I guess I am back to [attempting to] blogging. I thought I'd try to consolidate my thoughts and interests on urban planning and related topics in this blog post. Growing up, I've always had an interest in transportation related topics. Whether it be city planning, trains (mass transit or high-speed rail), airplanes, or cars, my interests have drifted in and out of these areas.

6.875 Cryptography & Cryptanalysis Lecture Videos

I filmed Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Shafi Goldwasser's Advanced Algorithms Class during the Spring 2018 semester.

1 minute read

During the Spring 2018 Semester, I took Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Shafi Goldwasser's Cryptography & Cryptanalysis (6.875) class. I filmed all but one lecture (oops I lost the video on MPC somwhere in the middle of class), providing a resource for current and future students to access the wonderful lectures. You can view the playlist here. The first recorded lecture is embedded below.

ORGanized Interactions

For the final project of my Distributed Systems (6.824) Class, we built a tree-based collaborative editor.

1 minute read

For our final project for the Distributed Systems Class at MIT (6.824), we have successfully implemented a command line interface text editor, such that multiple clients can collaborate on a single document and attain eventual consistency in the document through the use of operational transforms.

Hack Punt Tool

I helped film MIT's original musical Hack Punt Tool in Jan 2017

1 minute read

Along with MIT Student Cable, I helped film MIT's Musical Theater Guild (MTG)‘s IAP 2017 production of Hack, Punt, Tool, which is an original musical about a fictional group of MIT students working on building a Hack at MIT.

Learning Digits via Audio-Visual Representations

We trained two CNNs to read MNIST and TIDIGITS data; final project for Machine Learning (6.867) class.

1 minute read

Our goal is to explore models for language learning (in this case learning numerical digits in their spoken and visual representations) in the manner that humans learn languages as children. Namely, children do not have intermediary text transcriptions in corresponding visual and audio inputs from the world around them; rather, they directly make connections between what they see and what they hear. In this paper, we construct models for the direct bi-directional classification of speech and…

Summer 2016 Vlogs

Five Videos Summarizing my experiences in Thailand, Tokyo, and New York

1 minute read

During the summer of 2016, I made a series of vlogs documenting my travels through Asia. My friend Jingyi Zhao and I took a one week trip to Thailand before heading to Tokyo for a week to participate in the MUSCAT program organized by the university of Tokyo. Here are four videos that I made documenting the trip.

3D Tic Tac Toe AI

I built a 3D Tic Tac Toe AI with a capacitive touch-based input for my Microcomputer Project Laboratory (6.115) final project

1 minute read


6.854 Advanced Algorithms Lecture Videos

I filmed Ankur Moitra's Advanced Algorithms Class for Spring 2016

1 minute read

During the Spring 2016 Semester, I took Ankur Moitra's Advanced Algorithms (6.854) class. With the help of my friends Sitara Persad and Shraman Ray Chaudhuri, we filmed all but two lectures, providing a resource for current and future students to access Prof. Moitra's wonderful lectures. You can view the playlist here. The first recorded lecture is embedded below.

MIT Sophomore Mixer Series

We worked with the MIT Class Council to connect over 300 members of the Class of 2017 with each other through the Mixer Series

2 minute read

Over IAP 2015 (MIT Speak for our January break), Justine Jang and I worked with Fred Daso and the MIT 2017 Class Council on the Mixer Series project as a way to connect MIT sophomores with each other.

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