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Here’s a selection of some of my recent personal and academic projects

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Publications & Preprints

Implementation of a Practical Leakage Resilient ID Scheme [link]
Chiraag Juvekar, Utsav Banerjee, Andrew Xia, Yael Kalai, Anantha Chandrakasan
In Submission

Senseable Cities Guide to Melbourne [pdf]
Andrew Xia et al.
Senseable Cities Lab 2017

Integrated Gene Expression Probabilistic Models for Cancer Staging [pdf]
Andrew Xia, Gil Alterovitz
JMM 2013


Thresholdizing Lattice-Based Encryption Schemes [link] [pdf]

Selected Projects

How to Make Almost Anything [link]
Took part of the class, built a chair and a PCB, before the semester got too busy :(

Probabilistic Lightning [link] [pdf]
Jamie Bloxham, Gina Yuan, Andrew Xia, Justine Jang
Implemented probabilistic payments on the bitcoin lightning project

ORGanized Interactions [link] [pdf]
Andrew Xia, Slava Kim, Kevin Lu
Implemented Google-Docs like collaborative editor using operational transforms

MIT Mixer Series [link]
Andrew Xia, Justine Jang
Started program to connect over 300 members of the Class of 2017 with each other through funded meals


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Thoughts on transportation in film and culture

A second failed high altitude ascent leaves me questioning my abilities and intentions.

Interesting articles from January

Detailing some of the hiking trips this year.

Interesting articles from August


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I also filmed two classes I took at MIT, 6.854 Advanced Algorithms and 6.875 Cryptography.

See my other artwork, or specifically just photos or videos.