January 2019 Articles

Hi all! I thought I’d update y’all with some of my recent readings/watchings on the internet.

Business Articles

Tech / Computer Science

  • Hacker Tools ยท hacker tools a class put together by my friend Anish Athalye and others, I am meaning to go through this to better my engineering skills.
  • Algorithmic Game Theory | Tim Roughgarden I am currently going through algorithmic game theory using Tim Roughgarden’s lecture notes (and problem sets and lecture videos) to learn more about the field.
  • Ten Years of Being a Software Engineer | Techlead via Bishesh Khadka, the video below was particularly meaningful and eye-opening to me when I first watched it. Though it pertains much to the perks of the tech industry, it was a very refreshing take on how one’s career off the beaten path may lead to unique success.

Weather / Climate



I’ll be honest, in 2018 I did not read much. I am reading / have finished the following books in January:

Hope these are interesting for you to read too! If you have any thoughts on these topics, I’d love to discuss too!