Leakage Resilient Public Key Authentication for Embedded Devices

For my senior year at MIT, I participated in the MIT SuperUROP program as a MITRE Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar. My research topic was Implementing Leakage Resilient, Public Key Authentication Systems for Embedded Devices, working with Chiraag Juvekar and Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan.

This work was presented at EECScon. An extension of this work, with my collaborators, is currently in submission.


Having an effective and convenient authentication system is necessary for the future development and increased usage of devices in the Internet of Things. This paper presents the implementation of a pairings-based, public key leakage resilient authentication system to improve upon current authentication schemes. We have developed a pairings library in C, and we have implemented software in RISCV assembly that successfully implements such authentication scheme on a FPGA, demonstrating the feasibility and efficiency of such primitive.

My paper can be found here.